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Meghana Sharad Patil by profession is an IT engineer and has worked with several IT firms and still contributes her bit to technology. As academic background she holds a M.Tech degree in I.T from a renowned institution

As a hobby she started to pen down her day to day activities from 10th standard. Never did she think that her hobby would turn into passion someday and she would narrate the same thoughts in Poetic way. Her first book ‘The poetic cloud’ is the collection of poems with full of emotions, love, breakups, inspiring todays women to follow her dreams. No matter what the situation be, live life with a smile on your face is her motto.

Apart from writing, she is a Traveller and have been travelled around India and also got chance to visit some other countries. She is an admirer of nature and finds peace around the tall snowy mountains and in the soothing waves of sea.

She is a vivid reader. Among many she is fond of the book “Think like a Monk” And “Master your Emotions”.. She is all about living the life positively and inspiring others through her writings and philanthropy tasks.


Meghana Patil, an IT professional, has written her first book ‘The Poetic Cloud’. The 40 poems in this book are of good quality dealing with human emotions.

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In recent times, the material life of modern man is being

influenced by the technological innovations. Particularly

during the Pandemic situation of last two years with work from home for adults and online learning for students, life has become mechanical, lacking in emotions. With communication mostly through mobiles and laptops, human emotions are taking a back seat. On this background,

emotional life of human beings needs to be enriched.

The poems in this book express every emotion, starting from teenage love to heartbreaks, overcoming all hurdles, shining like a star.

Pursuit of Arts, Poetry and Hobbies is necessary for

development of personality, which helps a person lead, a

richer and multifaceted life.

Poetry is basically a journey within-an exploration of the inner and emotional life.A step towards totality of life. In this modern world of gender equality, women

empowerment issue is also well emphasized in many

poems of the book.

Congratulations and best wishes to Meghana Patil for her book, The Poetic Cloud’,- a fine addition to the world of

Prof. Ashok Pradhan

Former Pro Vice Chancellor,

Mumbai University and Ex-Vice Chancellor,

YCMO University.

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