Flawed Decisions – Harnessing the Power of Multiple Intelligence for Business Growth


Multiple intelligence theory a brief Introduction
Multiple Intelligence theory is a theory of intelligence proposed by Howard Gardner, a psychologist and researcher at Harvard University. Gardner’s theory suggests that  intelligence is not a single, unified concept, but rather a collection of independent intelligences that are relatively distinct from one another. According to this theory, individuals possess varying levels of intelligence across different domains, or “intelligences.” Gardner proposed eight different intelligences, which are:
▪ Linguistic intelligence: the ability to use language effectively, both verbally and in writing.

Flawed Decisions
▪ Logical-mathematical intelligence: the ability to reason logically and mathematically, solve
problems, and think logically.

▪ Spatial intelligence: the ability to think in three dimensions and to visualize and manipulate
objects in space.

▪ Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence: the ability to control movements and handle objects

▪ Musical intelligence: the ability to understand, create, and appreciate music.

▪ Interpersonal intelligence: the ability to  understand and interact effectively with other

▪ Intrapersonal intelligence: the ability to understand oneself, including one’s emotions,
goals, and motivations.

▪ Naturalistic intelligence: the ability to observe and understand patterns in the natural world,
such as in plants and animals. According to Gardner’s theory, individuals possess
varying levels of each of these intelligences, with some individuals demonstrating high levels of one or more  intelligences and lower levels in others. Gardner’s theory has been influential in the field of education, as it suggests that individuals have different learning styles and that educators should take these different styles into account when teaching. However, some

Flawed Decisions
critics have argued that the theory is not well-supported by empirical research and that the concept of multiple intelligences may be too broad and undefined to be useful.


This book contends that the key to unlocking the full potential of MSME’s lies in understanding and
leveraging the spectrum of multiple intelligences. By recognizing the diverse cognitive capabilities that contribute to effective decision-making, solo entrepreneurs can enhance their strategic acumen.
From emotional intelligence to analytical prowess, each facet of multiple intelligence is explored within the context of financial decision-making, illustrating how a nuanced approach can translate into higher profits.

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