The book is written on true formulas and principles. Over more than 20 years and more than 2000 families have been experiencing the fruits of these wonderful habits which make you rich. If you want to be one of them … Go ahead and read this wonderful book of real-life experiences that will make you RICH.



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This book is an effort in that direction. Over the last two decades, I and Aparna have seen more than 2000 financial lives very closely. We have witnessed people behave in all possible ways when it comes to managing their money. In this book, I have tried my level best to condense that experience in an easy-to-understand way.

I have chosen to write about financial habits for the simple reason that we are a sum total of our habits. The same holds true in the domain of money. Over the years I have worked on my own habits around money. I have witnessed that my wealth grew as I became a better person around money. I applied the same idea to my clients and their financial status improved too. I have enough evidence now, that working on your habits as prescribed in this book helps you create lasting wealth.

I hope you use our experience for your own good.

Have an abundant life.

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