Our Story

Ultimate Impressions – The Beginning

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Established in the year 1996, Ultimate Impressions is the brainchild of an intrepid entrepreneur, Bipin Bakale. Having completed his B.Com with specialisation in Industry at the prestigious BYK College of Commerce, Bipin worked with C-DAC, where he would develop software for small and medium enterprises. Bipin’s man-at-arms, Mr. Bhaskar Bakale, his father suggested that they start a printing press in their own balcony, one that would meet the needs of the local enterprises, who would otherwise have to order their materials from Mumbai or Pune. What once began as a small, home-grown venture has become a trusted brand for industries, large and small, across the Indian subcontinent, from as far as Delhi too.

Ultimate Impressions is a STUDIO press, one that caters to the discerning clientele with a view to quality, timeliness and also, cost-effective. Ultimate Impressions has worked on multiple campaigns for noted institutions like YCMOU, LIC, HAL, Bank of Maharashtra, Sipra Engineers, Mahindra & Mahindra, VIP, Epcos India and many more  on a continuing basis, right from the conceptualization of the advertisement to the printing. Ultimate Impressions has a team of graphic designers and creative visualizers to give the maximum mileage for the campaigns.

Ultimate Impressions – The USP

At Ultimate Impressions, the clientele’s demand is the first call to work on delivering quality solutions. What began as a simple offset printing business has now blossomed into a fully equipped studio, replete with the latest Japanese machine, one of only four in India today. Backed by our expertise in the business and our team of dedicated professionals, with a cumulative experience of over 30 years in the printing sector, Ultimate Impressions has grown organically, in tandem with customer demands. Our paper is sourced from sustainable brands like Movak, Munkin, and you can choose from 60 GSM to 330 GSM to the highest, in all kinds of finishes. Also, we use the best quality of ORGANIC ink  which is the reason why our products are flawless and durable as well.

Ultimate Impressions – Choice over Chance

Ultimate Impressions is not a large corporate with a battery of machines and an army of professionals, who may do your work, in assembly line fashion. We are a small, home grown enterprise, where our client’s project is our sole focus. We work in a manner that allows us to optimally dedicate our time and resources to the projects that we commit too. This is why we have upgraded our technology to the latest Organic printing, so we can print a 100 books of a 100 pages in a day. We also have been appreciated for our ethical practices in our business operations, which is a key factor when entrusting your marketing collateral with an agency. We keep the confidence of our customers and proof of that is that over 97% of our corporate clients use our services exclusively for repeat orders. We use the feedback mechanism offered by the client to continually upgrade our processes and that’s how we have grown to having completed over 25000 orders in 2020.

Ultimate Impressions – Service Range

Printing Services – All types of Book Printing Service, Calendar Printing Service, Brochure Printing Services, Posters Printing Services, Pamphlets Printing Services, Commercial Printing, Packing Material Printing and other services

Digital & Offset Printing Services -Synthetic Sticker Printing Services, Canvas Printing, Transparent Sticker Printing Services, Digital Printing Services and Offset Printing Services ( Heated and Cold). In addition to these services, we also offer Magazine Printing, Catalogue Printing, Label Printing, Sticker Printing, Flyer Printing, Tags Printing, Banners Printing, Annual Reports Printing, Leaflet Printing, Invitation Card Printing, Booklet Printing, Books Printing and much more. Don’t forget to ask us for samples!